tapswap reviews and complaints by people 2024

What Users Are Saying: A Comprehensive Look at TapSwap Reviews

After analyzing how TapSwap works and the risks involved in our previous post, the next logical step is to examine what actual users are saying about their experiences. This provides invaluable perspective beyond just TapSwap’s own marketing claims. In the longest review of TapSwap reviews on the web, we’ll compile feedback from users across various review sites and social platforms to give the most complete picture possible.

Reddit TapSwap Community Feedback

One of the largest online communities discussing TapSwap is their official subreddit at r/TapSwapApp. Scanning through posts there paints a mixed but overall concerning picture:

  • Many complain of rewards being withdrawn or reduced after being approved. Others had $50+ pending payouts disappear without notice.

  • Support tickets routinely go unanswered for weeks or months at a time. TapSwap seems unable to keep up with queries from their growing user base.

  • Devices become very laggy and battery drains quickly from running TapSwap constantly in the background. This creates a poor user experience.

  • Various error codes and account issues are consistently reported with no resolution. App performance is unstable and crashes frequently according to numerous complaints.

  • Earning rates have dropped sharply as TapSwap scales. Where some users report $5+/day early on, now most average $1-3 daily max even leaving it on constantly.

  • While there are positive reviews, the subreddit is dominated by disappointed users trying to resolve problems or vent frustrations to little avail.

This community feedback portrays TapSwap support as overwhelmed and uncommunicative. Combined with instability, reduced earnings and undelivered rewards, the user experience appears to significantly diminish over time on the platform for many.

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Google Play Store App Reviews

Looking at Google Play reviews for TapSwap paints a similarly mixed but cautionary picture:

  • As of writing, TapSwap holds a mediocre 2.9 out of 5 star rating from over 30,000 reviews on Google Play.

  • The Top Reviews section is filled with 1-star complaints about unpaid rewards, poor support response and frustrating app bugs/crashes.

  • Positives reviews tend to come from new or infrequent users earning a few dollars. Negatives dominate from long-term users with larger balances.

  • Consistent 1-star themes include slow earnings, low payout rates worsening over time, constant ads, and failed transactions.

  • There also appears to be review manipulation as suspicious 5-star text is copy-pasted frequently from new accounts.

So while some do earn a little, Google reviews echo the Reddit sentiment that TapSwap underdelivers for loyal users over prolonged engagement. Earnings eventually plateau while frustrations accumulate from unaddressed issues.

Trustpilot TapSwap Reviews

Another significant review source is independent rating site Trustpilot, which aggregates TapSwap feedback from various online platforms. Here is what users posted:

  • Trustpilot gives TapSwap an average 1.5 out of 5 star rating from over 1,000 reviews evaluated as “terrible”.

  • The vast majority of reviews slam TapSwap for being untrustworthy, with a recurring theme of unpaid rewards.

  • Even positive reviews mention withdrawal issues that eventually left a sour taste despite minor initial earnings.

  • TapSwap appears to have done little to address chronic problems detailed in Trustpilot for many months on end.

  • Customers vent frustration at being IGNORED or LIED TO by TapSwap support staff stonewalling on owed payouts.

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Overall Trustpilot reviewers are almost unanimous in their negative perspective on TapSwap. Rather than a few isolated complaints, unreliability and poor service are emphasized as serious systemic problems by this community.

Quora TapSwap Discussions

Quora QA platform also hosts several discussions around TapSwap that surface consistent user themes:

  • Early adopters answer is it legit questions positively based on initial experience.

  • Later users expose withdrawn or zeroed out pending rewards becoming a common complaint.

  • One user estimates only 10% receive promised monthly $50 withdrawal amounts.

  • Discussion threads evolve from cheering TapSwap to warning others of unaddressed issues over time.

  • Support is called non-functional with many waiting uselessly for non-responses.

So even initially optimistic Quora impressions degrade as more long-term experiences expose unkept promises and poor customer fulfillment on TapSwap’s part over the life of customer relationships.

TapSwap Referral Program Criticisms

The TapSwap referral system allows earning 20% of what referred friends make, acting as an incentive to market the platform. However:

  • Referrers often complain of not receiving promised referral sums, following unpaid payout patterns.

  • Friends recruited end up with the same frustrations as initial referrers over undelivered rewards.

  • This clearly damages trust in the program and harms TapSwap’s word-of-mouth growth potential.

So even the internal user acquisition tactic does little to fix core problems or build faith given referrers face identical problems to general users.

Trusted Third Party Review Sites

Taking an aggregated view across neutral rating platforms gives a dim outlook:

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Site – Rating

SiteJabber – 1/5 stars (330 reviews)
Forewarn – 1/5 stars
ScamAdviser – High Risk
ScamDetector – Likely Scam
Review Trackers – 1.2/5 stars

These specialized scam-detection services consistently flag TapSwap as a platform to avoid based on its poor reviews history and behaviors analyzed. Their verdicts align with sentiments across direct user communities.

Summary of TapSwap User Reviews

Analyzing a comprehensive collection of direct user experiences from various online communities yields consistent negative themes:

  • Earnings decline and eventually plateau over weeks/months of use.

  • Significant percentages report unavailable or withdrawn reward amounts.

  • Support is practically nonexistent – tickets go unanswered endlessly.

  • Technical issues like crashes and lags degrade the user experience.

  • Referral programs suffer from same unaddressed problems as everyone else.

  • Independent third party review sites overwhelmingly label TapSwap as “high risk”.

The sheer volume of complaints across platforms suggests problems are likely systemic rather than isolated incidents. Overall, user reviews paint TapSwap as an untrustworthy platform failing to reliably deliver on payout promises or properly support their user base over the long term relationship.

This comprehensive analysis of direct user feedback significantly corroborates the conceptual analysis from our previous post. On balance, the potential rewards likely do not outweigh very real risks involved with leaving money, data and devices in TapSwap’s hands based on their demonstrated track record thus far. Staying prudent by avoiding TapSwap appears the wise approach until legitimate changes occur.

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