is isbazaar legit or scam? reviews 2024

Is Legit or a Scam? A Comprehensive Review presents itself as an online marketplace offering deals and discounts on various products. However, many shoppers have expressed concerns about the legitimacy of this website. In this in-depth review, I will analyze from multiple perspectives to help you determine if it is a trustworthy place to shop or a scam to avoid.

Technical Review

Let’s start with a technical review of the website. A reputable site should have proper security protocols and contact information. Here is what I found with

SSL Certificate: The website has a valid SSL certificate issued by Comodo, indicating some security measures are in place to encrypt data during transactions. However, an SSL alone does not prove a site is legitimate.

Domain Info: The domain was registered recently in 2022 through Domains By Proxy, which obscures the true owner’s identity. This is a red flag, as most legitimate stores register domains in their company name.

Contact Details: There is minimal contact information provided. The only details given are a generic email address and physical address in Florida, USA. Legitimate stores clearly list phone numbers, founders, physical address, etc.

– Social Media Presence: Isbazaar has minimal social media presence across Facebook, Instagram, etc. Most appear to be recently created placeholder pages with little engagement or following. An established store would have active, organically grown profiles.

In summary, while the website is technically functional, several technical aspects like domain privacy, lack of clear ownership information, and minimal social proof raise doubts about’s authenticity and trustworthiness. Let’s dig deeper.

Pricing and Products Review

No site is perfect, but transparency and reasonable pricing/products would reassure legitimacy. Here’s what I found on

|Review Category|Observation|
|Product Selection|claims to offer many top brands but selections appear generic|
|Pricing Structure|Items seem artificially marked down 80-90% constantly which is unrealistic long term|
|Too Good to Be True Deals|95% off name brand goods without special occasions raise red flags 🚩|
|Consistency in Stock|Items often out of stock with no replenishment patterns|
|Shipping Details|Vague shipping estimates without tracking or insurance options|

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In my experience reviewing many stores,’s offers seem too good to be true without any logical business model to sustain such unrealistic pricing. Very few major products remain consistently in stock too. These observations suggest isbazaar could be baiting customers with impossible deals. Proceed with caution!

Let’s analyze customer reviews and trust scores now:

Customer Reviews and Site Ratings

Checking what real customers say online and trust score ratings from reputed websites can provide valuable third party perspective on a store’s legitimacy:

|Data Source|Observation|
|TrustPilot Reviews|1.4/5 rating with complaints of order delays and no refunds|
|BBB Business Profile|F rating with unresolved complaints against isbazaar|
|ScamDetetor Trust Score|Very low 6% trust score rating them as likely scam 🚩|
|ScamDoc Reviews|Multiple reports of order delays, poor service after checkout|
|SiteAdvisor Rating|Caution rating due to trust issues, newcomer status|

The overwhelming customer sentiment across multiple independent review sites paints in an extremely negative light as distrustworthy with unresolved order and refund issues. Even their own TrustPilot reviews average a poor 1.4/5 rating, a massive red flag for any business. Avoid shopping here due to the high scam risk suggested.

Ownership and Company Details Review

Knowing who owns a store and basic company details is important for accountability and trust decisions. But provided sparse info:

– No founder or leadership team is publicly listed

– Florida registration but no verification found of true location

– Customer support email but no visible employees or phone contact

– Domain registration hides identity through proxy service

– Social profiles lack organic growth and engagement typically

While not a dealbreaker alone, the complete lack of transparency around ownership combined with other suspicious signs paints an image that could be dishonestly obscuring its true nature. Legitimate multi-million dollar stores proudly list leadership details.

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Final Verdict – Is Isbazaar Legit or a Scam?

After a comprehensive review evaluating from multiple perspectives like technical setup, pricing/products, customer reviews, company transparency – there is strong evidence this store should be considered untrustworthy:

– Prices seem purposely unrealistic without a viable business model

– Very few products stay consistently in stock over long periods

– Overwhelmingly negative customer reviews report order issues

– Low trust scores from reputable review sites indicate high scam potential

– Anonymous domain registration and no info on true owners

– Sparse and newly created social profiles lack authentic engagement

While no review can be definitive, the preponderance of red flags across different review categories strongly suggest should be avoided due to its high likelihood of being untrustworthy or even a outright scam. They do not seem able to reliably deliver products ordered or solve customer issues based on available evidence.

To stay on the safe side, it is best NOT to risk shopping or providing any financial details to unless they become radically more transparent and improve credibility over time based on verifiable actions, not promises. Stick to trusting major retailers instead when online shopping to avoid regrets. Keep window shopping isbazaar if you must, but avoid actual purchases unless significant positive changes occur. Stay protected!

Alternative Legitimate Stores to Consider Instead

Since raises major concerns, here are some top alternative online stores across categories that have proven legitimacy and excellent reputations worth considering instead:

Top Fashion & Apparel Stores

– Amazon Fashion – Massive selection, fast shipping, great return policies. Very established.

– ASOS – Huge choices across trends, sizes. Loyal repeat customer base.

– Zappos – Exceptional service and selection in shoes/clothing. Raved about.

– Nike – Direct from the source for sporty apparel and gear. Trusted globally.

Leading Consumer Electronic Stores

– BestBuy – Browsing favorites with Geek Squad support and financing options.

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– Newegg – Vast options on parts and whole computers. Popular for techies.

– B&H Photo Video – Pro equipment and services for photographers everywhere.

– Walmart – Affordable daily deals across categories, fast Prime shipping too.

Top Furniture & Home D├ęcor Stores

– Wayfair – Enormous selection delivered direct. Excellent return terms.

– Overstock – Daily limited time discounts on quality pieces. Easy payments.

– AllModern – Modern aesthetics across living, dining, bedroom furniture.

– World Market – Unique global finds at budget prices. Fun shopping experience.

Choose from these popular alternatives confidently knowing their proven trustworthiness, great services and products that actually arrive as described. Focus on stores with integrity not unrealistic hype that often hide issues underneath. Stay safe in your purchases!

Final Reminder – Stay Protected Online

While evaluation and second opinions can help, the final responsibility of evaluating online stores rests with individual shoppers. As scams evolve, always remember these protective practices:

– Carefully verify legitimacy from multiple trustworthy independent review sites

– Check for real customer reviews, good standing with authorities

– Beware unrealistic prices and non-replenishing rare inventory

– Consider major established brands and retailers first when possible

– Never fully rely on single opinions, do your own due diligence research

– Use secure payment methods like PayPal for purchase protection

– Register domain and contact information transparency as best practice

– Watch for sparse or newly established superficial social profiles

being too good to be true, it usuallyindicates deceptiveness underneath. Stay skeptical but not cynical. With care and diligence, enjoyable online shopping awaits!

In summary, while presents an enticing front, careful review finds it lacking legitimacy across many validation points. When deals appear unreasonably or newly established superficial social profiles. When deals appear be true, it usually indicates deceptiveness underneath. Stay skeptical but not cynical. With care and diligence, enjoyable online shopping awaits!


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