Step 1

Buy your Global Package. Unlike in the traditional business where you need a big capital to start a big-time business and have the return of investment after few months or even years, here you will only need a business capital of 265 USD for a single account plus there us an immediate return of investments through the package. Each country has its different sets of packages so I will not point out a specific package because it will depend on your location. Refer to the International Offices of AIM Global to know more about the location of each office.To set an example here is the Global package for Hawaii.

AIM GLOBAL hawaii usa package

Step 2

Your account will be encoded for you to have your own AIM Global account online. You have to send the registration code to your sponsor and your details to get it done.  for me to give you a walkthrough on the registration.

After becoming a member, your sponsor will surely guide you how to do the business and reach the potential income of 528 USD per day!

And now, let us go to the most important part of this topic. It is how to Join AIM Global USA through AIMWorld.

Let me emphasize that AIMWorld is the online division of AIM Global so it has its own product category. Watch this video that explains about the products.

Here are the advantages if you join through AIMWorld:

  • Your package will be a door to door delivery via FedEx
  • Accept credit card payments
  • Convenience of buying packages online
  • Open in 200 countries
  • Earn bigger commission incentives

To Start your AIMWorld Business, here are some few steps:

Step 1

Buy your AIM World Package. Please select on these three packages available.

SAPPHIRE PACKAGE – 268 USD ⇒ $528 per day potential income

EMERALD PACKAGE – 804 USD ⇒ $1,584 per day potential income

DIAMOND PACKAGE – 1340 USD ⇒  Upto $3,696 per day potential income

 AIM World Diamond Package


After your payment has been verified, AIMWorld Shop will email you with the registration code.

It’s very important that you send to us the registration code with your details for you to have your AIMWorld Log in. Please follow the format below.

First name:______




Address: ________

Registration code:___________

Send it to :

Whatsapp: +2347062767514

Step 3

After you sent the details, wait 24 hours and you’ll receive your AIMWorld Log in. Make sure you didn’t miss to know that the potential income here is $528 per day and even more depending on your package. If you do, read the Marketing Plan of AIMWorld and AIMWorld Products.

Do you have some questions?

I hope you have learned how to join AIM Global USA.

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