How Aim Global Works- Match Bonus

How Aim Global Works- Match Bonus

Now here is how our unique business works
You invest your N38,000 or 70,0000 global packages.
So this is you below:
*Next, you’re expected to introduce 2 partners (downlines which we will give u as a member of our group)

3000 4800 3000

to come under you as shown below so u earn N3000 each that is a total of N6000 with matching bouns of N4800 =N10800 that is if they join the business with N38,000 but if is with N70,000 you earn N5000 each that is a total N10,000 with matching bouns of N9600 =19600

5000 9600 5000
Okay cool, then your downlines are also expected to have their own 2 downlines each as well___with the Help of this Great TEAM.
As soon as that is done: a structure like a figure below is established:
Having this structure above and each person’s under you continue to bring their two under themselves, you will earn N4800 or N9600 till infinity
What is next is to work with your two direct downlines as a TEAM we as we worked with you to ensure that they get their own two direct downlines.

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the best one to invest is N70,000 package. That is where the money lies in Aim global.
Join with…………. 1cente ..N70,000 package and stand the chances of earning…
Join with 3centers N210,000 and stand the chances of earning…
7 centres at N490,000
Stand the chances of earning…
Then if the person is lazy enough, he or she can go home with N19,651,200 after one year of doing the Business with just N70,000 without selling our products. It can be achieved by recruiting people in this unique business.

Remember selling is not a must.

the only thing the COMPANY needs from you is for you to bring just to people to register

In the business after you would have registered

But no Time frame on that.

Let’s Assume you join Aim Global inJanuary 2019.
And it takes a whole of January for you to bring in two PEOPLE to the business

And it takes a whole of February for your two Down line to bring in their two people in the business


The whole of march for the for the 4 people to bring in two people each ,

And its goes on like that every months

That’s, you would have Earned over 10million
Over a period of 12 months

Remember you're still Earning from other sources
Apart from this matching bonus alone


After your registration
Your Alert In your local bank account Begins

*Very very Sweet right, Do not waste Time, take action now and join us just say I am in and let us connect

Presently AIM GLOBAL has offices in Lagos, Abuja, Port Harcourt, Ibadan, Onitsha, Warri, Kano and Uyo, where we hold business seminar every day…

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