AIM GLOBAL Product Price List


Here is the AIM Global product price list for all Alliance In Motion Global products available for sale in Nigeria as of present. If you want to know about price list for other countries, kindly check this page for aim global offices.

AIM Global Product Price List (Retail Pricing)

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C247 – 9,200

Restorlyf – 11,600

Choleduz – 6,200

Complete Phytoenergizer – 8,750

Mychoco – 3,080

Alkaline Coffee – 2,750

Feminine Wash – 2,500

Masculine Wash – 2,500

ToothPaste – 1,500

Vida Maxx – 13,500

Sugarfree coffee – 3,110

Kiddi 24/7 – 7,800

You can order directly from our online shop with this updated AIM GLOBAL product price list.

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